Welcome to Souljourney!

We specialise in planning and conducting tailor-made holidays in Southern Africa for groups and individuals. Contact us to make your dream holiday possible.

During our Souljourneys you will be touched by Africa’s magic – its colourful people, magnificent animals and breathtaking natural beauty.

Return to nature – return to yourself!

Founder of Souljourney – Christel Andersen

Christel has been involved in the tourism industry for the past 16 years. She worked as a sales agent for Lufthansa and trained as a South African Tourist Guide in 2003. She has accompanied hundreds of guests on tours through Southern Africa. Souljourney is a tour operator founded by Christel. Through Souljourney she plans and facilitates tours, journeys, events and other soulful experiences. As a born and bred South African she loves to share this special country, in all its facets, with the visitors who choose to travel with her.

“I believe in the healing power of travel, creativity and nature, as well as each individual’s own potential to heal him/herself. My passion is to explore, learn and grow personally and spiritually, and to share this creative exploration with others. I share the tools and experiences gained on my Soul journey with you, my fellow travelers.”