Family constellations workshop 29 November Windhoek

We are all part of a family system, but most of  us are not aware of the hidden unconscious dynamics – like walking through a dark room falling over the furniture. These are the stresses that marked the lives of our ancestors which have had an effect on us and our children.

Known as entanglements, they are passed down to subsequent generations and can prevent our own personal achievements and contribute to issues like illness, emotional challenges, difficult relationships and substance abuse. In family constellations we turn the light on destructive family patterns to move us and our family into a space of creative problem solving, emotional freedom and healing.

Through the experience of Family Constellations combined with guided meditation practices, we will discover the power your awareness has to facilitate these positive shifts in your personal life and that of your family system.

Developed largely by Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the ‘80s, Family Constellations has spread all over the world. It is applied in varies fields such as psychotherapy, organisational and management consulting, medicine, life coaching and pastoral care. It gives a client a hands-on experience of their own family system.

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Date: 29 November 2014

Venue: Krumhuk Farm (close to Windhoek, Namibia)

Cost: R550-00pp (including lunch)

Facilitators: Erik Andersen & Andrea Antela

Time: 9h30am – 4pm

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Join us on a magical journey through Namibia after the workshop.