Art and Healing – process art

Colour dialogue

Non-verbal communication through colour – “one picture is worth a thousand words”

Colour dialogue is a creative and easy way to get in touch with your subconscious mind, to find out how you are. Communication between partners, families, groups, colleagues etc., can be enriched and deepened through communication between our subconscious minds using colour, symbol and form.

It is a valuable tool to use, in situations where verbal communication has become difficult. The method is ideal for couples, families, teachers, psychotherapists, holistic healers, children with concentration and communication disorders, as well as individuals seeking healing and spiritual development.

The materials used are high quality, intense colour oil/wax pastels and large pieces of paper. The most important part of the process, is the act of painting itself. By observing our own feelings, attitudes, actions and reactions during the process, much is revealed. Colour dialogue aids concentration, communication and relaxation. By looking inward we get in touch with our own inner wisdom and guidance. The goal is to develop a non-judgmental approach to other people, as well as harmonious, loving relationships and partnerships.

”Expression is accomplishment” Colour dialogue is very easy to learn, easy to use in any kind of setting and environment, it doesn’t cost much and IT IS A LOT OF FUN!!!!!

Further Information and literature on Colour dialogue