Music and Healing

Music has accompanied me throughout my life, as a soul companion, healer and friend. My most precious experiences of the power of oneness and the divine, are in the realm of music, be it singing, playing an instrument or listening to music. These experiences have led me to pursue a career in music as a healing modality/music therapy by studying under a variety of teachers, such as Prof. Dr. Gina Kaestele and Chris James.

GIM – Guided Imagery and Music

Guided Imagery and Music, GIM is a music-centered, psycho-therapeutic healing modality, which can be applied in a variety of settings during individual sessions or group work. It was developed by the late Helen Bonny, in the United States in the 1970’s. It is a process of exploration of consciousness, facilitated by listening to specifically sequenced music programs in a relaxed state, accompanied by a GIM fellow – trained GIM practitioner. Music is seen as an auditory co-therapist and partner of the guide/GIM fellow. It acts upon the body, mind, and spirit of the traveler, to facilitate integration and healing.

What are benefits of experiencing GIM as an individual?

GIM assists in stress reduction, it facilitates a feeling of well-being in a holistic way. It is particularly effective in the healing of grief, loss, depression and anxiety GIM stimulates physical pain relief and healing of physical symptoms It also brings about self-awareness and deep transformation, which brings about personal growth

Short music journeys

Short music journeys are an adaptation of the GIM -Guided Imagery and music method. It is a process of going on a journey, led by a suitable piece of music. By relaxing deeply and trusting that the music will take you to a soulful place inside, it does. This experience brings about healing, inspiration and transformation. A creative art process – Mandala drawing – helps in the expression of the experience.

The process can be experienced as an individual, or as as a group.

The joy of singing

Community singing or Interfaith worship

Experience the joy and upliftment of singing together as a group!

I facilitate singing experiences in a variety of settings, such as sacred spaces (churches; ashrams or temples), on ‘Souljourney tours’, during workshops and in nature. As we unite our voices with the aim of healing ourselves and each other, the sounds are enriched by that energetic quality. The experience therefore becomes healing and enlightening for the participants.

A similar phenomenon takes place when we unite our voices in Interfaith worship. By using our voices to express love, appreciation and awe of Source/God/Divine light, we become the channels of this energy.

I started my first Interfaith worship group in Cape Town in 2007. Over the years we have collected a wonderful repertoire of chants and songs from all faith traditions and religions. Harold and Alan took over the group when I left Cape Town. Contact Harold 083-6138094 for further details.

“Sound is a connection to our deepest being our innermost level of existence.” – Swami Satyananda