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Mama Lindi from Soweto cooking Steam bread and Chakalaka. Experience delicious home cooked food and live music in Soweto at Mama Lindi’s Wozobona Cultural House. A heartwarming township experience.

Dumpling recipe:

Use an enamel basin which will fit into your pot
2 cups of either bread or cake flour – it’s up to you
1 x packet 10g instant yeast

Mix all ingredients with a pinch of salt
warm water don’t make it too watery
add 2 spoons of oil to your basin so that it does not stick.
Cover your dough in the basin with a vatdoek (cloth) – a thick one. Let it stand in the sun for 2 hrs until it has risen fully. This depends on how hot the sun is.
Once ready, boil about 2 liters of water, because the dough must be steam cooked for an hour.
Put the enamel basin, which contains the dough into the pot on top of the steam

Chakalaka recipe:

Carrots 500g
Green beans 250g
Garlic 1clove
Ginger 1 clove
2 large onion
mild rajah 7g
Mild and spice 7g
1 tin baked beans 410g
Green chillies

Par boil carrots and green beans
Fry onion in enough oil add both your rajahs stirring all the time with the chopped garlic and ginger
dice your par boiled carrots and green beans add to the pot and stir.
That is what makes the sauce.
Please add green chillies one or 3 at a time because that is very hot and strong.
As time goes on you will add spices to your liking. Enjoy!