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Dumpling recipe
125g Flour
20g Yeast
50 ml oil
600ml water
Mix all ingredients then leave to ferment (30 minutes)
Cook over double bowl for 20 to 40 minutes depending on quantity.

Gizzard stew and kebabs
400g Chicken gizzards
Teaspoon of each for marinade :
Course pepper
Ground coriander
Ground Cummin
Dry thyme
Dry Rosemary
Dried parsley
100ml of cooking oil
Mix all ingredients in bowl and spread the gizzards evenly then pour over.(leave for 1 hour) cook over medium heat. Bast with mayonnaise, tomato sauce and Worcester sauce combined together.
Precooked Samp(put on side.

Sliced three mixed peppers
Sliced one onion
Three chopped chili
Two carrots (grated)
100 ml cooking oil
20g Chopped ginger and garlic
400g baked beans
Salt and pepper to season
5g tomato paste & 120 ml tomato sauce
Saute onion, garlic mixture until glassy and add on peppers with remaining ingredients. Add in tomato paste and tomato sauce.
Allow to cook over medium heat.
Can be served hot or cold.