A deep immersion in the iMfolozi Wilderness

1 – 5 MAY 2019

Join this rare journey… on foot into the heart of ancient, pristine African wilderness! A land long sacred to the Zulu people, iMfolozi is the oldest protected area in Southern Africa, and the Wilderness section we inhabit for 5 days is only accessible by foot, free from roads, structures or any human traces.

Here, our bodies remember their belonging to the wild Earth. They recognize the rhythms, respond to the calls, and follow the flow of life, returned to their natural habitat. Leaving behind all measures of time and technology, we enter a world our ancestors knew, shaped by the movement of sun and stars, awake to the present moment.

We spend our days walking along animal trails, swimming in natural pools, and sharing our experience with the magnificent creatures of the place including elephants, rhinos, lions and all the ‘big five’. At night we prepare a place to camp, cook around the fire, and sleep out under the stars, taking turns to keep watch.

This unique trail tracks our inner landscapes as we traverse the outer one, reawakening the wildness within! In tune with the place as primary facilitator, we offer practices to land back in our bodies and find our part in the web of wild life. These may include:

  • Sensory and embodiment practices to expand our awareness, take in the wild, and find resonance with inner body sensing.
  • Systems Constellation processes to find and forge kinship with particular plants/animals/landforms in this community of ‘non-human beings’ (stepping into an animate world, as seen through indigenous eyes).
  • Earth art to express the movements of our inner world with the materials of the outer terrain (stones, clay, feathers, bones…).
  • Daily ritual, solo time and group circles to honour and deepen our connection to the land, ourselves and each other.


R10,400 (Local) €1,350 (International)which includes:

  • A team of highly trained and experienced specialist guides and facilitators (see details below).
  • An individualized, likely life-changing experience within a small group of 7 participants per trail (see past participant responses below).
  • All necessary camping equipment and hiking gear (including backpack, sleeping bag, ground sheet, mattress, water bottle, utensils).
  • Transport between Durban and iMfolozi.
  • All permits and fees to live and camp in the designated Wilderness Area.
  • All food including meals, teas and snacks.
  • Accommodation and meals at the Wilderness Leadership School Durban base can be booked as optional extras for the nights of the 30th April and/or 5th May.
* This trail is offered in association with the Wilderness Leadership School, who are sole custodians of this pure wilderness part of the reserve. As an NPO dedicated to creating inclusive access to wilderness experiences for people of all backgrounds, races and socio-economic statuses, they have a policy of cross-subsidization. The international rate quoted above therefore includes a donation to sponsor the equivalent trail experience for a participant from a local less privileged community. 


Please contact Anya on +27 82 3559242 or anyamendel@gmail.com


SCELO MBATHA is an expert Wilderness Guide and Facilitator with over 20 years experience in the field and a lifetime steeped in traditional knowledge, gained through the teachings of his Zulu elders and direct contact with land as the son of a wilderness ranger. His ecological studies and training in deep ecology have further developed is passion for sharing the spiritual power of nature.
ANYA MENDEL is a Clinical Psychologist and Facilitator qualified in Systems Constellations, Fine Art, Focusing and Permaculture with over a decade’s experience designing and guiding transformative group processes held inside and out. These center on the healing intersection of embodiment, creativity, kinship and connection to our inner and outer natures.
ROY ASHTON is a Wilderness Guide, Zen Coach and nature connection facilitator who has lived and worked on 4 continents, including time spent living with hunter-gatherers. His MA in Environmental Leadership led to an immersion in nature awareness, tracking and survival skills training. His current focus is on facilitating transformative processes in nature.


“This is an experience you’ll never forget. It will remind you of your deepest knowledge, of how we perhaps once were: connected to and grateful for our environment and the web that we are all part of”. Lorna, Facilitator and Trainee Psychotherapist.

“This is one of those life changing experiences that you will carry in you forever. Your facilitators will hold the tension of keeping you safe while allowing the full experience of being in the wild. You will have new thoughts about life, your world, your role in reclaiming and protecting what we have been given, and what is truly important.  You will return wanting every person you know and don’t know to share in a similar experience”. ~ Robyn, Operations Director for Psychosocial NPO.

“The wilderness immersion trail is a journey of awakening. Tasting the beauty of dawn. Sensing the wonder of the day. The unhurried pace of breakfast, packing up camp, leaving no trace. The gift of slow. Being in the landscape. Digging for water in the dry riverbed. Animals acknowledging us as fellow creatures to be left alone. Expert guidance and skillful facilitation, gently drawing out our inner stirrings into art. A profound experience.” ~ Monique, Transformation Coach.

“Besides the amazingness of the adventure and being in this beautiful space it’s an experience that will make you alert throughout your being. Exposed, stripped bare, vunerable, fierce, brave and ultimately light. Light because when everything is reduced to it’s real value you begin to see what you value, your essence and your journey without the noise. A very special journey indeed”. Heloise, Artist and Lecturer.

Images by C. Jardine, A. Mendel and the Wilderness Leadership School.