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Here you will find recipes from all over South Africa, tried and tasted!

A delicious recipe from Paula’s kitchen : Indian butternut soup

One onion (finely chopped)
1 medium sized butternut
Soup greens – e.g. celery freshly chopped)
2 cups of fresh vegetables include potato and carrot
Cinnamon stick
Garlic /ginger/chilies

Fry onion in butter 2(tablespoons)butter
Add soup greens
Then add carrot/potato/butternut
Flavoring as you desire

Allow this to cook in slow heat
As it-starts to roast
Add 3cups water
Simmer for 30 minutes
Check if all vegetables are soft

Ready to liquidise
Remove the cinnamon stick
Add 1 full cup of fresh cream-
Or sour cream

Garnish with parsley or coriander or chilli flakes


Malva Pudding with Martie Hofmeyr

The well-known Malva Pudding is legendary in South Africa and features on most restaurant desert menus. This decadent, caramelised, saucy pudding is best served warm with homemade custard or vanilla ice cream.

Serves 6


For the Batter
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
2 Tbs butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup sugar
2 large eggs
2 Tbs smooth apricot jam
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 cup milk
1 Tbs brown vinegar

For the sauce
½ cup brown sugar
1½ cup full cream milk
2 Tbs butter, at room temperature
5 ml vanilla essence

1. Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Grease, with butter, an ovenproof glass or porcelain container, approximately 30cm x 20cm x 5cm.
2. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl.
3. In another bowl beat the butter and gradually add the sugar. Continue beating until light and creamy. Add the eggs one at a time and mix well. Add the apricot jam.
4. Dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in the milk. Add the vinegar and mix.
5. Using a wooden spoon, beat the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix well.
6. Pour batter into the prepared baking dish.
7. Bake for 45 minutes.
8. While the pudding is baking, make the sauce by mixing the sugar, milk and butter in a saucepan on medium/high heat. Bring to a boil and stir for a few minutes. Remove from the heat. Add the vanilla essence and cover.
9. When golden brown and cooked, remove pudding from the oven and slowly pour the sauce on top. Bake for another 5 minutes. The pudding will absorb the sauce.
10. Serve hot with custard, vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Recipe Notes
• Replace 1 cup milk with evaporated milk for a creamy taste.

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Bobotie Recipe with Martie Hofmeyr

Bobotie is a traditional South African dish. This sweet, aromatic mince casserole, served with rice, coconut, chutney, toasted almonds and banana slices is ideal for a cold winter’s evening – comfort food at its best.

Serves up to eight people

4 tsp oil (or butter)
2 onions, sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 tsp turmeric
1 Tbsp curry powder
1 kg raw mince
2 slices crust-less bread, small pieces (soaked in a bit of milk)
1 cup dried apricot, chopped
1 cup apple, grated
½ cup sultanas
3 Tbsp chutney
2 Tbsp brown vinegar
2 tsp dried vegetable stock (MSG-free), mixed with water
1 tsp black pepper
3 eggs
1 ½ cup milk
½ tsp salt
½ tsp turmeric
5 bay leaves (fresh or dried)


  1. Heat oil in a large pan and fry onions and garlic until soft.
  2. Add turmeric and curry powder and mix with onions and garlic.
  3. Add mince, bread, apricots, apple, sultanas, chutney, vinegar, almonds, stock and black pepper and mix well.
  4. Cook over low heat, stirring regularly, until cooked.
  5. Spoon into a greased, 28 x 16 cm baking dish and level the top. Press mince down firmly.
  6. Beat eggs and milk together and add salt and turmeric.
  7. Pour over meat mixture and put a few bay leaves on top. Stand dish in a larger pan of water (to prevent dish from drying out) and bake, uncovered, at 180 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes or until set.

For more recipes or to book a consultation with Martie Hofmeyr – Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant visit: or call 0823261505

Melktert Recipe with Gudrun Engelbrecht

Thermomix – traditional Melktert Recipe:

Melktert is a truly South African dessert- a sweet pastry filled with a creamy custard-like filling smothered with cinnamon.

Melktert Ingredients:

100g butter
100g sugar
1 egg
300g flour
2tsp baking powder
40g water
A pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius Grease 2 x 22cm pie dishes


  • Place butter and sugar into the mixer and blend.
  • Add remaining crust ingredients and blend.
  • Press into 2 greased pie dishes, prick lightly with a fork and bake for 12 minutes until lightly browned around the edges. While the pastry is cooking prepare the filling.


1120 g of milk
2 tbsp cornflower
30g flour
200g sugar
3 eggs
10 g butter
2 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
Cinnamon for dusting

  • Place all ingredients except the butter and vanilla into the mixer and blend.
  • Cook the filling for 15 minutes in the thermomix. (if you do not have the thermomix, cook it in a pan on the stove)
  • Add butter and vanilla carefully, and stir/blend in thermomix
  • Pour into prepared crusts and cool
  • Immediately sprinkle liberally with Cinnamon. This will give it a lovely taste and prevent a skin from forming on the custard.
  • Refrigerate overnight

Recipes by Chef Jelele

Dumpling recipe
125g Flour
20g Yeast
50 ml oil
600ml water
Mix all ingredients then leave to ferment (30 minutes)
Cook over double bowl for 20 to 40 minutes depending on quantity.

Gizzard stew and kebabs
400g Chicken gizzards
Teaspoon of each for marinade :
Course pepper
Ground coriander
Ground Cummin
Dry thyme
Dry Rosemary
Dried parsley
100ml of cooking oil
Mix all ingredients in bowl and spread the gizzards evenly then pour over.(leave for 1 hour) cook over medium heat. Bast with mayonnaise, tomato sauce and Worcester sauce combined together.
Precooked Samp(put on side.

Sliced three mixed peppers
Sliced one onion
Three chopped chili
Two carrots (grated)
100 ml cooking oil
20g Chopped ginger and garlic
400g baked beans
Salt and pepper to season
5g tomato paste & 120 ml tomato sauce
Saute onion, garlic mixture until glassy and add on peppers with remaining ingredients. Add in tomato paste and tomato sauce.
Allow to cook over medium heat.
Can be served hot or cold.

Pot Bread Recipe by Tania Draulens

1kg cake flour
15g yeast
15 ml salt
15ml sugar
50g grated cold butter
2.5-3 cups of warm water

Mix the dry ingredients first and then add the rest of the ingredients, let it rise for 3 hours.
Knead it down and put it in a steel pot. Let it rise again.
Make the fire and put the pot on the ashes, covering the lid with a few coals.
Let it bake in the fire for 1,5 hours.
Serve with butter and apricot jam.

Mama Lindi

Mama Lindi from Soweto cooking Steam bread and Chakalaka. Experience delicious home cooked food and live music in Soweto at Mama Lindi’s Wozobona Cultural House. A heartwarming township experience.

Dumpling recipe:

Use an enamel basin which will fit into your pot
2 cups of either bread or cake flour – it’s up to you
1 x packet 10g instant yeast

Mix all ingredients with a pinch of salt
warm water don’t make it too watery
add 2 spoons of oil to your basin so that it does not stick.
Cover your dough in the basin with a vatdoek (cloth) – a thick one. Let it stand in the sun for 2 hrs until it has risen fully. This depends on how hot the sun is.
Once ready, boil about 2 liters of water, because the dough must be steam cooked for an hour.
Put the enamel basin, which contains the dough into the pot on top of the steam

Chakalaka recipe:

Carrots 500g
Green beans 250g
Garlic 1clove
Ginger 1 clove
2 large onion
mild rajah 7g
Mild and spice 7g
1 tin baked beans 410g
Green chillies

Par boil carrots and green beans
Fry onion in enough oil add both your rajahs stirring all the time with the chopped garlic and ginger
dice your par boiled carrots and green beans add to the pot and stir.
That is what makes the sauce.
Please add green chillies one or 3 at a time because that is very hot and strong.
As time goes on you will add spices to your liking. Enjoy!